Tuesday, August 28, 2012
Moving Forward.....

It's been a few years since last

I was here, and I was thinking it

was about time I came back

and posted about what did, and

didn't happen since last I updated.


Soo, last I was here, the future

was looking educational, with me

taking the second year option of

going for the double diploma.


Well, that didn't happen.


After trying to sign up for the course

the apparent confusion allowed me to

re-think my position, and then I decided

to go looking for work to pay off the

student loan instead, and go back later.


It took some time, but I did get a job and

of course it had nothing to do with the course

I took......and almost four years later, things

are starting to wind down at the job. Go fig.

With out going into all the details, the job is

almost over...for most of us there, sooo, the

old plan may be back on.


The problem with the new/old plan is that

I still haven't recieved my "leaving date"

soo until I do, I'm not really going anywhere.


And that's where things stand now.

Hopefully things will come together soon.

Maybe this also means I wont wait another

four years to up date here.....



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Thursday, April 12, 2007
It's Been Strange.......(Could Get Stranger..)

As it's been about a year since my
last update, I thought I'd come by
and say hello.

I know no one reads this, but that's
part of it's attration.  Not that having
someone read this would be bad....
...it's just that I didn't make it with
any great expectations of that type.

Anyway, the update.

I'm nearly finished year one, of my
college phase.  Year two may be
about to comence, but the jury is
still out on that one.

I await word that am in, or not.
If I am in, then year two will begin
in Sept.  If I'm not, then the job
hunt will begin in ernest.

All in all, it's been strange time lately.
When the dust settles, I'll come back,
and write about what happened.

Take care, who ever you are,


Posted at 08:40 pm by napoleon
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Saturday, July 15, 2006
The Futures Getting Bright....(Could It Be My Eyes?)

Things are definately going somewhere, and yet... I worry about the way, not the destination. I'd look at a map, but I'm not that good with maps now. Strange indeed. Anyway, things are moving forward, and though it feels like my PLAN'S actaully ON schedule, part of me is worried that I'M not on schedule........

So, things move, I move, and everything is in motion. I have to stop thinking for a bit. The heat isn't helping though. Oh well. What ya gonna do, eh?


Posted at 11:25 pm by napoleon
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Saturday, June 17, 2006
Walking Away From The Journals.

Walked away from the journals for a bit. Nothing to see there. I've looked in the mirror enough to know, that just because I can see me, doesn't mean I can understand the parts under the surface. Anyway, I have some things I want to work on, and writing about them isn't getting them done any faster. Oh, and just for a change, I finally aplied for school. I await the news of the money. When that comes, the picture will once again change. Yup, all in all....same ole, same ole. Till later.


Posted at 06:50 pm by napoleon
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Saturday, December 24, 2005
It's Been A Strange Year, And Now.....(According To My Watch), It's Christmas.

Once again it is Christmas. Once again New Years looms ahead. Though nobody reads this little corner of limbo, I still write.  Recently, my ongoing adventures in life lead me to do some work for a non-profit organization. Strange are the roads we travel down non? And so, I now sorta have a job, and the only prob would seem to be the salery, and the fact that it's temporary at best. Oh well. I need the experience and it's cheaper then going to school. For now. There may yet be a way for me to go. Only that fickle Mistriss can tell. And right now, She's in bed, with visions of sugger blums dancing in Her head.

Merry Christmas everyone,
and Happy New Year.


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Tuesday, December 06, 2005
Is It Possible To Write In Too Many Places? (NoÖNo Itís Not.)

At this moment, Iím having trouble writing.

Itís as if the creativity in me is a well thatís

run dry. Is it possible Iíve over extended

myself? Is it possible to write in too many places?


If your curious, I currently write in at least eight

different journals/blogs. Thatís not counting the

various coms I write in, and or mod for. So, Maybe

I should be trying to figure out how to make money

writing eh? And yet, I donít do well at writing on

command. It comes, and goes, like the wind.


Who can command the wind to blow?


Not meÖ..




P.S; This has been a busy writing dayÖgo fig?

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Sunday, October 02, 2005
So I Turned Around, And Another Year Was Gone. (Happy Second Year To Me.)

I've been here longer then I thought,
and yet, it doesn't feel all that long
some times. Where has the time gone?

And here I am, and things have changed
and I almost missed it. That's right. Like
a Birthday I forgot was almost there, I
went and started something that might
make all the difference to my future.

I went back to school. I didn't plan it
that way....but, I decided to run with it.

Atrange world eh?
Go fig.

Posted at 07:22 pm by napoleon
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Monday, September 05, 2005
What Was It They Said? (Darn, I Wasn't Listining Either.)

Well, here I am, sorry to take soo long
between entries. Strange days indeed.

So I'm trying to make up my mind on
weather or not I should write something
new, and send it in to a poetry contest,
or...maybe I should send in something
I wrote a little while ago instead.

I can't seem to focus right now and
I haven't exactly been prolific lately.
But, if I send something in from
a little wile back, and they like it....?
Well...I'm not in the same space as
I was then, and therefore, wont be able
to write like that either....maybe.

Decesions, decesions..........


Posted at 01:29 am by napoleon
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Tuesday, April 05, 2005
Well......Am I Glad I Was Able To Find This Again....

Times are strange, and some people
are stranger still. So what's new?

Well, while I was away, my comp
broke down, got reformated, then
lost it's modem....and so on....

So, long story short......I'm back.

Hopefully it wont be such a long time
before I update here again.


Posted at 09:32 pm by napoleon
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Tuesday, February 01, 2005
So I'm Still Here. Now Where's The Buffet?

Strange as it seems to me, I'm still here.
The years are starting to pile up since
I started typing here in Sept of 2003.
Whats new with me then? Well.....nothing.

O.K, I did do a little skating to get ready
to break my Canal skating time. But, the
nest time I go for it, I have to skate all
the way accross Dows Lake, or it wont
be the same. The last time I skated the
Canal, my time was just over an hour
for both ways. But I didn't go accross
the lake. It probably wont add to much
time on, it just that I hadn't done any real
skating in four years, so my body was a
little rusty when I was half way through.

Next time thou......all the way.

Anyway, I just thought I'd drop by here,
and let the servers know I was still alive.  ;)

Take care,

Posted at 11:47 pm by napoleon
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